In 1987 Gloreen Raineri opened Glo's as a classic breakfast and lunch diner. Her warmth and hospitality embodies the spirit of how we do business at Glo's. As she did in the beginning, we still cook from scratch, using quality ingredients to create fresh homemade specialties. Now focusing exclusively on breakfast, our flagship eggs benedict variations are our signature dishes. Honorable mentions also go to our home-style corned beef hash, fresh made buttermilk biscuits, and creamy vegetarian mushroom gravy. Check out our seasonal pancake and egg scramble specials.

Up late? We are now open Friday and Saturday evenings at midnight. We also welcome to go orders.

Unfortunately, due to our small size we are not able to accept reservations. Feel free to either call ahead to place your name on the list or come on down and enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait. We look forward to seeing you soon!


1621 East Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98102
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

(206) 324-2577

Mon - Fri: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Sat - Sun: 12 a.m. (yes, that's a.m.!) - 4 p.m.


Amazing corned beef hash
by Ashley

For all the vegan and vegetarian dishes they have, I was surprised at how amazing this dish was. Seriously the best I have ever had.
Mobile review
by Christina

We just moved to Capitol Hill and our inner foodies are in heaven. Glo's is the perfect breakfast spot- an unpretentious setting with homestyle food. My boyfriend had the eggs benedict and is excited to taste the blackstone version on the next trip. I was excited to find poppyseed pancakes with lemon curd on the special's menu, since most places only offer maple syrup. My pancakes were fluffy and warm, but the lemon curd isn't (in case you were expecting it.) My bf's mother serves her pancakes with fresh lemonsauce the same, so this brought on some nostalgia. On top of the delicious eats both of the servers that waited on us were friendly and that really makes a place stand out to me. I can make great food at home, but apart of going out is the interaction and atmosphere and Glo's has it! We live around the corner, so we are sure to be regulars.
by Erik and Amy

Fantastic Eggs Benedict and Corned Beef Hash! They can poach an egg perfectly .Not fast service, by any stretch, but pleasant and polite. Definitely get a piece of the Sour Cream Coffeecake too! Yummy!
Mobile review
by Jack

Glo's is an institution - a true local hot spot, casual no- nonsense great food. The epic wait times are a testament to its enduring popularity, which hasn't faded over the decades.
Mobile review
by Aaron

Great service and the fruit bowl had no Melon. Amazing.
What's not to love?!
by listentomywords

This tiny little breakfast joint is incredible! I am something of a eggs benedict connoisseur, and these are by far the BEST. The hollandaise is absolute perfection! You may have to wait a bit because this place is pretty popular, but you'll have a delicious cup of coffee in the meantime. A word to the ahead and place your name on the won't wait as long. What you will do is enjoy a DELICOUS breakfast in a small and 'uant restaurant. Enjoy!
You want them to polish your boots, too?
by mesembrianthemum

Glo's is one of the best places for breakfast/brunch in town. They freshly s'ueeze the orange juice. They do take the time to make your meal the right way. The short, brunette waitress is awesome, and remembers you. My boyfriend and I have been going here for over 2 years, when we moved about 2 blocks away. They NEVER had an issue with to-go orders, even happily chopping up my boyfriend's side of sausage. I took my mom and my aunt here for a late breakfast one day, and they LOVED it, asking every time they're in town if we can go to Glo's. Mom and Dad have gone there with me and my boyfriend on a few occasions, and have always been treated very well. I always have the eggs blackstone, which is amazing, and I've tried to replicate it at other places when I can't have Glo's. If you arrive before 1pm, yeah, you're going to wait, because it's that good. But if you can't understand that, and get all butt hurt that the waitress doesn't immediately pounce on you because, heaven forbid, she might actually think you'd like a few minutes with the menu and to relax and chitchat with your companions, or, even more unheard of, that she might actually be BUSY, then move along. More coffee and o.j. for me, and others like me who love Glo's!
Tasty Eats and worth the wait!!
by thecritic79

I gotta say, I've seen the ups and down with this place, but it always pulls through in the end with awesome food. Tell me somewhere else you can get everything homemade from a bunch of kids back in that tiny little kitchen with two burners! Glo would be proud to see her little shop still around and bumpin' with business after 20 years. Eggs Benedict, Corned Beef Hash and eggs, Buttermilk Biscuits and gravy. Everything from scratch and TO ORDER!!!! I keep trying to eat breakfast someplace else, but it never works out. Once a lover, always a lover. I forgive them all the wait, as I see many others do week in and week out. Hats off to a great job done!!

P.S. The trick ahead and put your name on the list.

By the time you leave, you're ready to face the day!
Weekend regular!
by bouhaki

I love the staff here--they are all very friendly and work together as a team. My dad is one of the pickiest guys i know when it comes to breakfast joints and HE even loves this place! This is one of the best places to have a wholesome breakfast. Its the only place I love the fruit bowl (blueberries, strawberries, melon!) and the Eggs Blackstone is fabulous...the whole menu is good! If you are in a hurry don't bother, this stuff is all cooked the old fashioned way when you order and this tiny restaurant has a wait! (but you can call and order to go) So grab a cup of coffee, put your name on the list and enjoy your lazy Sunday morning! It's DEFINITELY worth the wait!